What Your Colleagues Are Saying About IntelliGuard® RFID Solutions for Healthcare

Intelliguard RFID Solutions for Hospital Pharmacy Automation

“The system has significantly improved accuracy and reduced pharmacy replenishment time. My staff can now focus on patient care. I have more confidence that important floor stock medication- including many items that are used in critical emergencies- are properly replenished.”
Director of Pharmacy, Sharp Hospital

"This is an automated solution that prevents errors, improves inventory management and optimizes labor use.”
Pharmacist-in-Chief, Rady Children’s Hospital

"We don't have to remember expiration dates, and the machine prints a detailed report list of all the meds and all the expiration dates. It highlights the earliest expiration dates and the whole process takes less than one minute.”
Pharmacy Operations Manager, Inova Fairfax Medical

"This is just a note to let you know how pleased I have been with the IntelliGuard staff that came to New York to install the IntelliGuard system. They were patient with staff as they instructed us on the system. They are extremely dedicated and the time they gave to us was one of the best I have ever experienced with a new system install. They shared best practices so we would have a successful implementation. They are knowledgeable, hardworking and very professional. Thanks again for a most positive experience with IntelliGuard. We have grown to love the team in a very short time."
Pharmacy Manager, New York


White Papers and Customer Stories

White Papers 

Learn more about the benefits of advanced RFID healthcare technology for reducing errors in hospital pharmacy medication management.

The Risk of Relying On Human Perfection

Human beings have common failure modes and certain conditions make it more likely for a human operator to make a mistake. This white paper focuses specifically on the human reliability challenges of procedural and emergency kit and tray processing in the inpatient pharmacy and explores the use of advanced RFID technology to automate, validate and ease the process to reduce the occurrence of human errors.

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RFID Tag Encoding Best Practices for Hospital and Health System Inventory Control

This white paper focuses on the vital safety considerations of radio frequency identification (RFID) tag encoding procedures in hospital and health systems pharmacies, specifically for use related to inventory storage, distribution, control and replenishment processes involving procedural and emergency drugs. It outlines published industry guidance on risks associated with pharmacy-applied drug relabeling and provides recommended best practices to ensure inventory control workflows do not introduce additional risk of medication error or patient harm.


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Using RFID to Augment Automated Dispensing Cabinet Anesthesia Medication Inventory

This white paper outlines the process and benefits of RFID automation to support the consistent and ongoing challenges of accurately and efficiently managing inventory in anesthesia automated medication dispensing cabinets.

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Using Advanced RFID to Support Medication Inventory Oversight of Shelved Stock in Hospital and Health System Pharmacies

Advanced RFID technology solutions are designed to eliminate manual, error-prone processes and provide 100% visibility and traceability to all inventory to which an RFID tag is applied - anywhere throughout an enterprise - without manual staff intervention. Download this white paper to learn how to enable 100% visibility of both shelved and kitted medication inventory stock in hospital and health system pharmacies.

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Implementation of Radio Frequency Identification for Medication Tray Management - North York General Hospital

Pharmacy departments in hospitals continue to be pressured to increase both productivity and patient safety with limited resources. Utilizing technology and ensuring full scope of practice for pharmacy technicians will help to meet these objectives.

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IntelliGuard® RFID Case Studies and Customer Stories

Read case studies and view videos on how to reduce medication errors, cut inventory costs and improve remote critical inventory management.

Kit and Tray Management System

Inova Health System: Integrating RFID Into Daily Operations

The team at INOVA required a hospital pharmacy medication management solution that would help them efficiently and accurately replenish medication kits and trays, decrease staff time spent on manual tasks, improve effectiveness of expiration date monitoring and management of recalls, and reduce the risk for human error inherent in manual processes. Download the detailed RFID implementation case study to learn about INOVA's solution evaluation, implementation process and quality study results.

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Rady Children's Hospital Case Study: The Impact of the IntelliGuard® Kit and Tray Management System on Medication Kit Checking Efficiency and Accuracy

Rady Children's Hospital needed to improve efficiency, accuracy and control of medications used by anesthesiologists. This study measured the impact of RFID automation in achieving these goals.


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Rady Children's Hospital Article: Tracking Anesthetic Drugs via RFID

Managing medications used by anesthesiologists during surgery is as time-consuming as it is critical to ensuring that all product is available when needed. San Diego's Rady Children's Hospital is among the medical facilities employing a medication-tray management system by Intelliguard RFID Solutions that employs passive ultra high-frequency RFID tags.

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North York General Hospital Video Case Study: Hospital Leaders Share Their Experience with the IntelliGuard® Kit and Tray Management System

North York General Hospital Video Case Study

North York General Hospital implemented the IntelliGuard Kit and Tray Management System with the goal of eliminating errors and minimizing restocking time for their high-density trays, particularly in the OR. View this video to learn more.

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Drug Topics Publication Feature Article: "Hospitals Turn to RFID for Medication Replenishment"

This article by Drug Topics addresses the benefits of using RFID for hospital medication replenishment and highlights how hospital pharmacies are using RFID to eliminate human error and automate the time-consuming and inefficient task of replenishing medication on crash carts. Pharmacy Operations Managers who have adopted the Intelliguard® RFID Kit and Tray Management System for pharmacy automation discuss their experiences.


Controlled Temperature Inventory Management System

Sharp Memorial Hospital Case Study: Inventory Optimization and Cost Reduction for High Value Critical-Dose Drugs

Sharp Memorial Hospital is using the Intelliguard® Inventory Management System to manage high value, critical dose medications. This study confirms reduced inventory, prevention of drugs expiring before use and elimination of stock outs.

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Vendor Managed Inventory System

FFF Enterprises Video: Remotely Managing Critical Inventory with Verified Inventory Program Consignment (VIPC)

FFF Vendor Inventory Program Consignment Video

View how FFF Enterprises is working with their customers to improve patient safety, reduce costs and optimize inventory management.

View FFF VIPC Program Video

FFF Enterprises: Verified Inventory Program-Consignment Overview

Patient care providers want to have the right medications or biopharmaceuticals on hand when their patients need them, but many of those products, often valued at thousands of dollars, have sensitive temperature storage requirements and short shelf lives, making onsite storage unfeasible. FFF Enterprises, a major distributor of plasma, vaccines and biopharmaceuticals in the United States, has developed the Verified Inventory Program-Consignment (VIPc) system, an RFID-based solution intended to make it possible for the company's customers to track these sensitive products, as well as the conditions in which they are stored.

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Diagnostics Supply Chain Client Profile: Improving Remote Critical Inventory Management

Learn how our client is able to improve operational efficiency and increase visibility to their consignment program with the Intelliguard® Vendor Managed Inventory System.

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