Distributors and Manufacturers: Improved Visibility for the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

pharmaceutical supply chain management

The IntelliGuard® Vendor Managed Inventory System offers RFID-enabled Controlled Temperature Cabinets for manufacturers / distributors to confidently enable consignment programs. With the IntelliGuard® Vendor Managed Inventory System you can remotely monitor inventory and track products as they are used – with no manual counting or other on-site inventory reconciliation.

  • Intended to be placed on-site at your client locations, the IntelliGuard® Vendor Managed Inventory System automatically updates inventory each time the door is closed and your product is removed.
  • You monitor inventory levels from a browser-based portal to determine minute-by-minute product usage and detect shortages against PAR.
  • The System also provides forward notifications of soon-to-expire inventory to put you in control to pull and replace inventory well before its beyond-use date. 

Supply Chain RFID Solutions

Optimize and manage your global distribution and inventory consignment programs with IntelliGuard® RFID Solutions for remote critical inventory management:

  • Gain visibility and control of your remote inventory
  • Confidently enable direct consignment
  • Realize revenue increases and facilitate auto-replenishment
  • Monitor storage temperatures of critical inventory
  • Manage shortages, reduce expiry waste and track recalls

Cabinets are available with temperature settings for Cold (2° - 8°C) or Controlled Room Temperature (20° - 25°C) storage. A variety of cabinet sizes are available to fit your space and storage needs ranging from small under-counter to large capacity models.


See a Client Profile of our diagnostics supply chain partner below.

View a Video of the IntelliGuard® Vendor Managed Inventory System used by our partner, FFF Enterprises for pharmaceutical distribution.

Perpetual Inventory Provides Actionable Data

Inventory is updated automatically each time the cabinet door is closed, and real-time visibility is provided at each facility and cabinet across your distributed client base. Inventory details include:

  • Item level tracking and utilization data
  • Product stock levels
  • Re-order requirements
  • Expiry information
  • Actionable data to support targeted sales focus

In addition, access to specific product usage levels by customer allows you to eliminate carrying costs and invoice as products are used.

Not All RFID Is Created Equal

  • Small Drawers, Large Metalized Refrigerators – Yes We Can!
  • Hundreds of Items in Random Orientation? We Have You Covered
  • Liquids, Metals or Other RFID Unfriendly Items? No Problem
  • Temperature Sensitive Inventory? We’re Cool 
  • End-to-End Global Visibility – IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solutions Put You in Control
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Intelliguard RFID Vendor Managed Inventory Solution

Client Profile: Diagnostics Supply Chain

Our client is a $1.5B molecular diagnostics company providing sample and assay technologies for academic and pharmaceutical research. They partner with a global turnkey distribution and transportation partner to manage warehousing, pick-and-pack, and in and out-bound transportation around the globe.

Benefits realized by client:

  • Inventory control
  • Operational efficiency
  • Usage insights
  • Brand awareness / strategic vendor relationship

Benefits realized by research facility:

  • Actionable data for consignment reconciliation
  • Convenience - manual usage documentation eliminated
  • Key products at their fingertips - no delays


Intelliguard RFID Solutions for Remote Critical Inventory Management


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